By Volunteering, you can make life easier for others, and you can inspire people around you to do the same.  Your contribution to your community is always valued!

Here are the top 10 reasons to volunteer:

10)  It’s good for you! Volunteering provides physical and mental rewards

9)  It saves resources by providing valuable community services

8)  Volunteers gain professional experience

7)  It brings people together!

6)  It promotes personal growth and self esteem

5)  Volunteering strengthens your community.  It supports families, improves schools, supports youth and beautifies the community

4)  Volunteers learn a lot and discover hidden talents

3)  As a Volunteer you get a chance to give back

2)  Volunteering encourages civic responsibility

1) You make a difference. Every person counts!


Thank you for Volunteering!

Author: Leah

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