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About Us

Who Are We?

Volunteer Muskoka is a one stop shop for volunteer information and resources. A conduit for connecting existing and new resources to the people/groups who need them.

What Do We Do?

Develop a skilled, diverse and sustainable volunteer base that engages and connects with Muskoka community organizations. Muskoka is an inclusive, caring and thriving community with active and skilled volunteers.

Our vision is of a community where everyone is inspired and equipped to make a difference. We place great value on encouraging involvement, working collaboratively, learning and growth, inclusivity, and accountability. These values are the foundation for our programs and partnerships.

Why Join Us?

We are here to support all volunteer and volunteer-driven organizations across Muskoka to ensure they are strong. This is your web site to connect.

We will be the go to place for information, communication and promotion of courses, sessions and recruitment tools for both organizations and volunteers who want to be involved.




Volunteer Muskoka Launches New Web Portal

Volunteer Muskoka has just launched Phase 1 of our new web portal, a site that will help to bring together volunteers, organizations, and events from across Muskoka!  The site will make it much easier for the community to connect with organizations and events that are looking for help in a variety of roles and positions.  Phase 1 is aimed at Organizations and Events, and Phase 2 will take place when we open the doors to the general public to get involved.  During this phase...  -  Read more about Volunteer Muskoka Launches New Web Portal


Are you an event organizer? Add your event to our database and get volunteers.

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